Migration into Canada

Many people are now aware of the Migrant ship which recently landed in B.C.. The opinions of which have been primarily negative, at least in the press.

What many forget is that immigration into Canada has been largely based on fleeing persecution. We have Irish who wanted to practice their religion, we have eastern Europeans who left due to persecution for being Slavic or their religious beliefs not lining up with state beliefs. Of course we have those of African decent who fled the United States. We also have many from Hong Kong who fled before China took over administration of the City. There are many, many more examples.

Forgetting this, we should keep in mind that a number of the Tamil migrants do have passports. We should also remember that plane is not the only mode of transportation in existanse. Remember when it was once common place for boatloads of immagrants to land? It’s how the British, Irish, Scottish, French, Polish, German, Italians, Indians, Chinese…. wait…. it’s how almost EVERYONE got here.

So to problem with this latest occurrence is…?


~ by TerminalSix on 16/08/2010.

4 Responses to “Migration into Canada”

  1. What the hell? Don’t our Coast Guard have torpedoes?
    Because there should have been a ship full of Terrorists in Davey Jones locker last week. Instead, I am feeding them steak dinner. WTF ! I thought I’d elected Conservatives, not ass-wipers. 😦

    • You do realize that while many of them do not have proper passports (you can’t easily get them in Sri Lanka if you’re Tamil) some do.

      In fact, there are many women, children and elderly aboard, as well as some journalists who fled in order to avoid percecusion now that their civil war is over (there are mass ‘dissapearances’ and unlawful detainment usually resulting in beatings and so on).

      Some poeple even died and it took 4 months on board a ship to arrive. If a terrorist wanted to come here they wouldn’t do it in such a ‘hey here I am’ way. They would have come by plane.

      This reminds me of the Komagata Maru, no one was allowed on land and many died as their supplies were dwindling and the conditions (as with this case) were terrible.

      In hindsight that incident was looked at as a low point in Canadian history and one that should have never happened. Thankfully this time it is not and they are allowing the claims to be reviewed in court.

      If they were turned back it would be a violation of international law and considered a crime (we’d be sending many to their deaths).

      Further, there is no proof, in any way, shape or form that any of those aboard are members of the Tamil Tigers

      I don’t know if you followed the Civil War in Sri Lanka but there were some pretty horrid atrocities on BOTH sides. Not just the Tigers.

      Really though, you need to remember. It’s not even that the people on the boat are suspected of being Tigers, they suspect perhaps a handful may be among the group (read 5 or 6 out of nearly 500). It is also believed that the Tigers own teh ship and were making money form it. However, it’s the only way for Tamils to leave Sri Lanka in many cases. Why cCanada? Canda has one of teh largest Tamil communities in the world outside of Sri Lanka.

      And remember,
      We believe in innocent until proven guilty, and so far NOTHING has been proven other than these people are sick, hungry and in at least one case, died getting here. We have always been a nation of taking in those who need help and being happy to do so (at least when it came to white people being pursecuted, for example, the irish, various slavic communities, romas, many from Hong Kong when it was turned over to the Chinese and so on).

      There have also been a number of cases where we turned peoples away only to have them die needlessly with no reasonable cause of denial. For example, I mentioned already the Komagata Maru which had many Seihks who also fled violence. We turned down jews fleeing germany (and you know how that turned out).

      Just remember, you too are a descendant of an immigrant who came here to live their lives free of oppression. Unless your family came here in the last 60 years they likely also came by boat and some with, some without, passports.

      Should they too have been turned back before arrival?

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention,

    if we Sank the ship, then the Government of Canada would have committed an act of terror (by our own legal definition as well as that of the UN) AND an act of piracy.

  3. Oh AND a violation of refugee rights as per the UN (all of these we have of course signed and swore to uphold).

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